You may want your kitchen to get more natural light but don’t know what to do. The best solution would be replacing the existing window with a new garden window.

Garden windows are similar to bay windows. The window extends outwards and comes in four glass panes, forming a square. These windows generally look like bay windows, but they’re halfway smaller in size than traditional bay windows.

Garden windows can fit in regular windows. However, most homeowners prefer swapping the window right above the sink with a new garden window.

garden glass windows for kitchen


This is because the area around the countertop and sink in most kitchens tends to be dark. Garden windows are a perfect way of letting in more natural light and allowing you to see your garden when you are indoors. The window will also allow you to grown some herbs and plants indoors.

You should have these windows installed by professional window installers since they require expertise and knowledge to ensure they’re installed properly.

If you have the window installed by a professional contractor, you will be assured that it will withstand weather elements and add natural light and beauty to your home. Moreover, proper installation will ensure that the garden window will serve you for its lifetime.

The cost of replacing traditional windows with garden windows may vary based on factors like size and type among others.

A professional window replacement company should give you an estimate of the cost of replacing the window in your home. Replacing existing windows isn’t as costly as how most homeowners think.


Benefits of Installing Garden Windows


Natural Lighting

One of the key benefits of replacing older windows with modern garden windows is the natural lighting they add into your home.

If the kitchen looks dark, replacing its window with the garden one will allow more light in and make it look brighter. Moreover, it will be good for your general health and your kitchen will look more inviting.


Enhanced Sight Lines

If you like watching your kids closely as they play around the backyard, then you should do away with the current windows and replace them with modern garden windows.

This is based on the fact that garden windows offer enhanced sight lines such that you can easily monitor your kids as they play outside from the comfort of your home.

Since these windows come with four panes, you will get sight lines up in three directions such that you will see the entire backyard.

If there is a swing set, pool or any other play features, you will easily supervise what your kids are doing especially when their friends come over to enjoy playing together.


Indoor Gardening

If you love using fresh herbs or other homegrown produce when preparing your meals, then you would be more than happy to have an indoor garden to grow some fresh herbs.

Garden windows make it possible to grow plants indoors. If the window is large enough, it will allow you to grow more plants along the extended window.

A large window with multiple panes will assist your herbs to blossom since they’ll get maximum sunlight while still getting protection from harsh weather elements.

Moreover, you will have them close to you whenever you want to cut some of them. After cutting some fresh herbs from a pot, you can go ahead and dry them on the window.


A Better Environment for Plants

Planting trees in pots is a great way to decorate the kitchen and dark corners. Plants add oxygen to the interior space and are great decorative elements.

There are many design and social media blogs with many ideas about potted plants. Even home professionals are declaring potted plants as a must-have element for every kitchen.

Installing a garden type of window over your kitchen sink would create a safe area for putting potted plants. Here, they’ll blossom since they’ll get access to direct sunlight. They will grow healthy and make your kitchen look brighter.


Resale Value

In case you will be selling your house in the future, you can replace the kitchen window with the garden one. Garden windows with custom touches are what potential home buyers will love.

They’ll get a great impression of your home and this will give you more returns on your garden window investment. The value of your home will be increased and it will attract a higher buying price.

installing windows overseeing a garden in Sydney


Garden Windows Boast of Being Energy Efficient

Replacing your old kitchen window with a modern garden window comes with the benefit of enhancing energy efficiency in your home.

This way, you will save money from reduced energy bills. These windows come with four panels that are made of thick glass.

Their thickness may be around an inch. These panels fit tightly in sturdy PVC frames. Tight fitting ensures they won’t leak any air.

Although modern garden windows come with more components than traditional windows, if your existing windows are older garden windows, they are actually better at energy efficiency and are already saving you money.


A Simple Way to Upgrade Your Kitchen and Other Rooms

Maybe you’re looking for an affordable way to update your kitchen with a fresh, custom look rather than a full renovation project, or you want it to look more attractive and inviting, but you are wondering what to do. Well, the best way is replacing your old kitchen window above the counter or sink with a new garden window.

Replacing your older window with a garden one will not cost you much, yet you’ll get good returns on your investment.

These windows are not only meant for kitchens. They can also be installed in the guest room, bedroom, glassed-in porches, or any other room next to the garden or yard to give them classic elegance.

Contact a professional window replacement expert today and learn more about swapping your old kitchen window with a modern garden window.

By installing a new garden window in your kitchen or any other room, you will get a perfect space for growing plants and herbs and watch over your kids as they play outside. Also, you will enjoy more natural lighting in your kitchen.

Installing garden windows requires the work done right, thus only hire an experienced and reliable window replacement company like Majestic Glass. Contact us today for a free estimate.


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