How to Prevent Glass Window Collisions in Sydney

If you have ever taken time to look through your window to enjoy the beautiful view of the nature outside, only for a creature to smash into the window, then you might be shocked to know that such window collisions occur more often that what most people think.

A 2014 research indicated that around one billion birds usually die annually in Australia and the U.S alone due to glass window collisions. These collisions, besides causing harm to the creatures that smash into your windows, can also damage your windows.


bird colliding with glass windows


Luckily, there are measures you can start taking to ensure window collisions are avoided. Here are some effective tips:

  1. Identify The Key Causes of the Window Collisions in Sydney

Start with examining the windows that are prone to collisions and analyze the reasons why they’re that way. These are mostly multiple or large windows which are closely fitted along the wall.

Check whether a reflection of trees or skies is clearly visible on your windows. If this is the case, then birds are likely to see the same. Most birds tend to collide with windows that reflect foliage or the sky.

Also check for other objects that can attract birds towards the windows since they might smash into the glass accidentally while trying to fly towards attractive objects.


  1. Mark The Windows To Make Them More Visible

There are many effective ways of preventing window collisions. One of the most obvious and easiest ways is putting some markings on the windows to ensure they become more visible. Here are more options:

  • Make horizontal or vertical patterns across the window. You can use soap or tempera paint to make different patterns. You may go a step further and be more creative to make artworks using the patterns.
  • Another option is using decorative materials like stickers and decals. However, you should space such materials closer together to achieve an effective result. You can also install some special tapes on your windows. For instance, installing translucent tapes on the exterior side of the window can enhance the visibility of your glass windows. Although they may obscure the windows partially, they will still allow enough sunlight into your home.
  • You can also use adhesive sheets to make your windows more visible. These sheets are typically designed to always ward off any birds that might be flying close to your windows. They come in many patterns and designs. You will not have to choose striking patterns for them to work. Actually, some subtle patterns will be enough for the birds to notice.
  • Installing bird savers, or Zen curtains, is another great option. These are some type of ropes that can be dangled down across the window. If you don’t have time to install adhesive sheets or marking with paint, then bird savers will be more appropriate to use since they are easy to install. You will simply hang them on a window and remove them as needed.
  • In case you don’t have some Zen curtains with you, simply use normal curtains since they give a similar effect. You can as well use nettings and screens to make your windows more visible to birds.


  1. Installing Specialized Windows

In case window collisions are a major concern, then you can simply solve this problem once and for all by installing specialized windows. They eliminate the need to use adhesives which require replacement from time to time.

You can also opt to install windows with inbuilt designs for enhancing visibility. These designs include fritted, smoked, or stained windows. If you prefer more muted window designs, then go for glass windows that have been specially designed to prevent collisions.

A good example is glass windows that are embedded with some polyamide threads to protect them from birds. Smoked glass is another more subtle option.


Hiring Professional Window Repairers and Installers

Window collisions should always be avoided. Many birds die as a result of these accidents. To make matters worse, your windows might break when birds smash into them.

If you want to prevent this problem, you can hire professionals to give you the best glass options. In case a collision occurs and damage your windows, professional window glass dealers can assist you with repair services. Majestic Glass provides glass window repair and replacement services in the entire Sydney region. Give us a call for more details.