A frameless mirror is an ideal accessory for any kind of a bathroom in Sydney. It enables you to experience the versatility that comes with frameless mirrors. Despite the motif you may be having in your bathroom, such a mirror will always look amazing in it.


frameless bathroom mirror with background lights


This mirror derives its name from the fact that it lacks a frame on the edges of the glass. This enables you to see only a mirror from one edge to another. The mirror will not come with any stainless steel, wood, or plastic frame along the edges. Hence, you get a maximum reflection of yourself.

These mirrors are often beveled. This means that when looking at the mirror from a certain side rather than directly opposite, you will see that its surface is somewhere raised. This creates elegance such that the mirror will add real beauty to your bathroom.

The versatility of these mirrors makes them very popular among many homeowners. They easily match with any color on the bathroom walls. If your walls are shiny black in color, installing this mirror will not only offer the room more convenience, and it’ll also highlight all the elegance that that comes with black color in the bathroom.

This mirror is also complemented by the luster that comes with polished tiles in a bathroom. It will also assist in highlighting your bathroom’s features. You will surely feel proud and appreciate the mirror.

If your bathroom is white in color, you can also do more with this mirror to enhance the overall appearance of the room. White walls present a clean sparkle in the bathroom and this stylish mirror will definitely exemplify the tiles. Coupling it with the ideal bathroom décor like ornamental flowers and some lights will make your bathroom look even more dashing.

Besides black and white colored bathrooms, this mirror is also ideal for any other color. For instance, brown, pink, green, and blue bathroom walls will also look dazzling with a frameless bathroom mirror. You can choose from a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

For instance, you can choose shapes such as rectangle and oval mirrors for your bathroom. You can also go for a square one, but most people prefer oval and rectangular shaped ones.

You can also choose a mirror that comes with lights for enhanced functionality. The lights will make it possible to see a better reflection of yourself whenever you use it. With lights, you will not have to go too close to the mirror when you need to check yourself on the mirror.

With all these great qualities of this mirror, you will surely find it a fantastic and necessary accessory for your bathroom.

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