You may be having a mirror mounted on the wall of your home, but you’re no longer finding it functional and you desire to replace it with another one.

Or you are relocating and you really want to take the mirror with you to your new house. Here are some tips on removing your wall mirror safely.


living room wall mirror decor


Hanging Nail

Removing the mirror will depend on how you mounted it on the wall. There are multiple ways of mounting a mirror onto a wall depending on its shape and size.

In case your mirror is small in size, it will take just a little area of the wall, and you probably used one nail to mount it. This is one of the easiest ways of mounting a mirror since the nail will fit any shape and size, and it doesn’t damage the mirror or even the frame.

You will also remove it in no time. All you have to do is ensure that you are careful when removing it to ensure you don’t enlarge the nail hole and make the nail less steady.


Gluing It Up

In case you bought a frameless or large mirror, then hanging it on a nail isn’t ideal. The ideal way to mount such mirrors is gluing them onto the wall.

There are many types of glues available and they’re effective in case you’ve worries of the mirror collapsing. However, it is recommended to hire a professional to mount the mirror when gluing it. Similarly, you should hire a professional to remove the glued mirror.

It isn’t safe to remove it yourself unless you have the expertise to ensure it does not get damaged or shutter and risk your household to injuries. An expert will also stand a better chance of removing the glued mirror without damaging the wall.

If you’re replacing the old mirror with a new one, you should glue the new one on exactly the same spot where the older one was. However, if you desire to change its position, then you will need to repaint the area you had mounted the mirror.


Wall Mounted Bathroom Mirror

Removing a wall mounted mirror on the bathroom tends to be quite challenging than removing other mirrors. This is due to the complexity of such mirrors.

This is because these mirrors often come with light fixtures or some furniture. You should rather hire an expert instead of removing it yourself. An electrician should assist with removing the light fixtures for safety reasons.

If you attempt to remove it without prior experience, you might get hurt. Hence, it is recommended to hire an expert to remove such complex mirrors.

There is absolutely nothing bad about renovating your home by mounting a new mirror on the wall. However, safety should come first when removing the existing mirror.

Always call an expert to assist you. Doing it on your own without prior experience may damage the mirror, the wall, and you can also get hurt.