Adding decorative wall mirrors to your home is a great way of adding a distinctive and elegant touch of beauty to your home. Mirrors are a reflective artwork that expresses personal creativity in the room they are hang.

They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles such that you can always find one that will match with the existing décor at your home.


unique contemporary round wall mirror


Once you’ve explored different sizes, shapes, and styles, and you’ve made up your mind on the one to buy, then you will want to ensure it is mounted correctly.

You will want the mirror to be mounted safely due to its delicate nature. The last thing you will want is walking into a room only to find that your mirror has fallen and shattered.

The right thing you should do is following the appropriate steps when mounting the mirror. If you mount it correctly, then you will not worry about accidents happening.

Once you’ve the mirror you want, and you’ve chosen the wall on which to mount it and the precise position, then you will be ready to start mounting it.


Step 1

Start with having someone to hold your mirror on the wall you will hang it. Use a pencil to mark a line on the wall close to the midpoint of all sides of your mirror. Draw short lines less than an inch.


Step 2

Remove the mirror being held on the wall. Place it away from the work area. The four lines you have marked will represent the outside measurements of your mirror.

Use a ruler to take measurements of the centers of the right and left side lines. Then use a pencil to mark the center.


Step 3

Use a stud finder, preferably an electronic one, to find the location of wooden studs in the wall across the area you have marked. Once you have traced the studs, use a pencil to mark the location of each stud.


Step 4

Check the back of the mirror to locate the hanger. Take measurements of the location of the hanger from the top. Next, go back to the recent pencil mark you made on the wall. Go down to the center of the mark from the top to mark the location of the mirror hanger.

In case the mirror has many hangers on the back, then take measurements of how far each of the hangers is right from the central point of your mirror. Once you measure the hangers’ locations on the back of the mirror, use a pencil to mark their locations on the wall.


large elegant wall mirrors


Step 5

Use a screwdriver, preferably an electric one, to screw wall clips on the wall. Use a wooden screw which is long and large enough to penetrate deep in the wood stud in the wall.

In case one clip will be sufficient, then ensure it is attached firmly in the wall. Now you can hang the decorative mirror on the wall.

In case your mirror will require two clips, the use a level across the hole markings for the two screws that you already marked on your wall. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the markings are at level.

Once you ensure they are at level, screw the wall clips into the wall using your electric screwdriver. Once again, ensure the wood screw is long and large enough to penetrate deep in the wood stud in the wall. Ensure the clips are firmly attached in the wall prior to hanging your mirror. Now you can hang the mirror.

If you’ve the right tools and you understand these tips, then you can easily and securely mount a mirror on your wall. You can complete this task within some minutes. The final result will be an amazing reflection of your artful creativity.

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