Many homeowners get confused about choosing a wall mirror that will fit perfectly in a specific room. To avoid this confusion, what you should consider when choosing a mirror is the room you will hang it and whether the style of the mirror will blend with the existing theme of the specific room.

Here are some tips on the aspects to consider when choosing the perfect mirror for your wall.


decorative wall mirror



Once you have settled on which room you want to hang a mirror, what you should consider is the style of the mirror.

Mirrors that can be mounted on a wall come in many styles. These styles can be modern, traditional, contemporary, frameless, Venetian, and ornate.



The next thing you should think about when choosing a mirror for your wall is the shape of the mirror. There are many shapes to choose from such as oval, square, arched, octagon, sunburst, round, abstract, rectangle, or even a custom shape of your choice.

As for a custom shaped mirror, it usually has a non-uniform shape. For instance, you can get it customized as a semi-framed mirror. Some vanity mirrors can even come in a carved wood frame that has three separate mirrors.

There can be two arched mirrors on either side and a rectangular on at the center. You can also go for a custom mirror that has a triangular shape.

The beauty of custom mirrors is that you can get it made whichever way possible as per your imaginations.


Flat Edge or Beveled Glass

You should also ask yourself whether you want flat edge or beveled glass for your wall. What you should choose here is your personal taste.

While some people find beveled glass mirrors more elegant, others prefer edge glass mirrors for their clean look. You can visit your local store for better comparison and make your decision.


Framed or Frameless

This is another key feature you should consider for any mirror you want to hang on your wall. If you will choose a framed mirror, you can get many choices to choose from.

Here, consider the materials that the frame is made of. The frame can be made using materials such as metal, wood, or resin. You will also consider the color of the frame, and you will have unlimited colors to choose from.

Standard frame colors include black, white, red, gold, bronze, silver, bronze, copper, and brown. You can also go for a custom color or get a multi-colored frame. However, it is crucial to go for a color that will match with the d├ęcor of your room.



The other factor to consider is the size of the mirror. Go to the wall you want to hang the mirror and take measurements of the length and width you would want it to occupy. Ensure that the measurements are accurate. Then buy a mirror of that size.

With these tips in mind, you can shop for your wall mirror without much confusion. You will be assured of making an informed decision.