A home has many types of fixtures. Bathroom mirrors are some of the most useful fixtures that your home could get. There are popular among many homeowners due to their multiple benefits besides being attractive accessories in a home. There are many varieties of mirrors for a bathroom in terms of size and shape.


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Classification of Mirrors for a Bathroom

Mirrors can be classified on the basis of their functions. Some mirrors are fixed while others are movable. Movable mirrors may be tilted and moved in different directions. You will have the added benefit of moving it to the direction most convenient to you.

On the contrary, fixed mirrors are permanently fixed on the wall of a bathroom. They are more practical and functional since they can be attached to the door or cabinets.

Another variety is the hanging mirrors. These mirrors are known for elegance and styles since they make a bathroom space appear more elegant. They are available in different sizes and shapes to blend with different decors.

Some are full sized while others are medium sized. They are all beautiful and are suitable for different styles of bathrooms. They also add a feeling and a touch of sophistication when hang on a bathroom wall.

You may also classify these mirrors in terms of the frame. You can find mirrors with steel frames, plastic frames, copper frames, and wooden frames. Those with wooden frames are available in different shapes and sizes to suit different decors.

Wooden framed mirrors also exude sophisticated elegance and charm. They are suitable for any d├ęcor due to their unique class and beauty. You may also go for frameless mirrors for a more modern look.



Types of Mirrors Used Today in Bathrooms

There are many attractive and interesting mirrors available today in both offline and online stores. Some of the most common modern types of mirrors for any modern bathroom are cabinet, LED, and heated mirrors. Cabinet mirrors are most popular for they come with an additional function of offering storage space. This makes them more functional than other mirrors used in a bathroom.

LED lighted mirrors are the latest variety of mirrors. They are popular for they are more cost effective when compared to ordinary mirrors. They come in different sizes and shapes and are known to last for many years since LED lights do not burn out easily.

Heated mirrors are preferred by many people for they are able to automatically remove any mist or fog. A bathroom space always has a lot of mist or fog from steam. These mirrors also assist in reducing any bacteria on them. They are popular in hotels, hospitals, and restaurants. Some people call them fog-off mirrors.

Mirrors may also come with embedded designs. They may also be customized and modern options are becoming more popular. You can always find a bathroom mirror of your choice at an affordable rate, thus consider investing in one for your bathroom.