beautiful round mirror in living room


A clever way of changing the atmosphere of any space in a room is using mirrors to make it visually appealing. It is difficult to choose the right mirror one for a specific room since there are several shapes, colors, and designs to choose from.

A mirror can highlight and define the already existing details in any room. Installing a gorgeous mirror on a wall offers a room with real decoration. A mirror, naturally, assists in brightening darker rooms and makes them more inviting.

A beautiful mirror can add special decorative effects when hanged on a wall. The key to decorating any room using a mirror is to choose an ideal mirror. Here are the aspects you can consider when choosing a mirror to suit any room.


The Style

Some mirrors do not have frames. It would be up to their size or unique shape to create some presence in a room. When searching for a mirror with a frame, go for the one that has a lovely style. You can choose a mirror with a metal, plastic, or wooden frame if you need one with a streamlined appearance. Its easy to keep them clean as well.

Choosing an ornate mirror that has a gilded frame offers a more formal and dramatic look, while at the same instance creating a strong point of focus. A mirror with a mosaic-styled frame and different patterns can also offer an instant eye-catching effect whenever you enter the room.


The Size

The size of a mirror is another vital factor to keep in mind when choosing a mirror. The size to go for is influenced by other factors such as the size of the wall to be installed on, and the impact you desire to make with the mirror.

If you want to use the mirror on a large wall such as the living room, dining room, or bedroom to make a huge impact, then you can go for a large mirror. If your goal is to make an accent on a small area such as the entry way, then you can go for a smaller area.


The Shape

The most common shapes available for mirrors are square and rectangular. However, there exist other shapes such as oval and circular. Rectangular and square shaped mirrors are a nice choice if you need a traditional look in your room.

If your aim is attracting much attention to the mirror, then you can opt for a mirror with a unique or unusual shape. Creating a simple but striking look can go with a circular or oval mirror.


Color of the Frame

If you seek to use a mirror for decoration purposes, then you can consider an attractive color on the frames. A basic wood, black, or white frame can complement with any interior design.

A formal or modern décor goes best with gilded metal frames that are silver or golden colored for a more luxurious look. If you are lost in choosing the right color, you can stick to a natural wood frame.

Mirrors have the ability to change a room’s ambience instantly, and they create a high end and whimsy style in a room. Choosing the best mirror for any room will match with existing décor. Hence, it is crucial to keep these tips in mind when choosing a mirror.