Mirrors are a great choice for decorative purposes. They create a warm effect, reflect light, and make small spaces appear large. Mirrors offer a wide variety of solutions to interior design challenges.

However, choosing the right shape, style, and size of a decorative mirror may be overwhelming. To make choosing the right decorative mirror, follow these simple steps.


decorative mirror design


Choose the Perfect Size of a Mirror for Your Space

Size is vital when choosing a mirror as a wall décor. Hence, ask yourself these questions when searching for a mirror that will complement the space:

  • What is the size of the wall space?
  • Where will I hang it?

If you want to hang the mirror above a sofa while not pairing it with other wall art, you may go for a large mirror to make a bold, big statement. If you go for a group of mirrors, you can install them to cover the length of a sofa or roughly three-quarters the length of the sofa.

The longer the installation, the more the impact it will create in the space. However, if you don’t want to make it the center of attention at the expense of other wall decorations such as artwork, then the length of the decorative mirror installation should not be too long.

When opting to place a decorative mirror above the fireplace, go for the size that would fit and fill the space between the ceiling and the mantel’s top. The style of the decorative mirror assists in determining the best way to install it.

For instance, a round or fully rectangular decorative mirror looks better when centered. A rounded-edge or a free-form mirror looks best when anchored at the top of a mantel.


Play with Different Shapes

There exist many shapes to choose from, and finding the right shape may be daunting. If you seek to give your room an updated, fresh feel, go for traditional options for installing on areas like the dining room, entry or the living room. Walls that lack artwork match best with any decorative mirror.

However, you can choose a strong, classic rectangle shape to add instant interest and depth. If there are minimal details and multiple straight lines on your furnishings, you can balance and soften such hard angles by installing a curved decorative mirror. In such scenario, consider mirrors that hold on their own and act like wall art.


Consider your Style

The style you choose determines how the decorative mirror will blend with the existing wall décor. You can go for an elongated rectangle style or a thinly framed mirror when installing it in a modern, sleek or minimal space. Give the mirror a great foundation to make the most out of it.

It is a great idea to take a picture of the space you will hang the decorative mirror to assist you when shopping. The picture will assist you in visualizing the impact that each size, style, and choice of a mirror would have on your space. With these tips in mind, getting the right decorative mirrors for your space becomes easy and interesting.

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