One of the most basic or primary accessories to consider when setting up your bathroom are bathroom mirrors. These mirrors if set properly change the overall look of any bathroom and ensure that either natural or artificial light is well reflected in the space.

A mirror in the bathroom is used for different purposes such as brushing the teeth, eyebrow picking, applying makeup, or even combing the hair.


modern bathroom vanity mirrors


Today, mirrors for a bathroom come in different shapes, styles, and varieties. They can be simple shower mirrors, clear fogless mirrors, or mirrors that have special attachments to hold soap cases, brushes, or other such items. Bathroom vanity mirrors are gaining a lot of popularity across the world.

The contemporary type of these mirrors offer antiqueness and aesthetic appeal to an entire bathroom. Modern styles and types of these mirrors offer bathroom spaces with a new and enhanced visual status.

When selecting a bathroom mirror, it is crucial to consider the function and purpose of that mirror. It’s only after knowing the purpose that you will know the ideal design, shape, and style of the mirror. This will ensure that you will get the right mirror for a specific purpose.

Traditional mirrors may have a bigger frame and darker layers of wood. They are ideal when you want to maintain older designs and concepts. However, mirror manufacturers now give more focus to softer mirrors by using frames with light wood tones and textures.

You may also go for a frameless mirror for a more modern look. The shapes available for vanity mirrors are several such as round, arch top, rectangular and square among others.

Selecting the ideal type of a mirror for your bathroom will also depend on the size of your bathroom. Another important aspect to consider is ensuring that the mirror will not extend beyond the available vanity since this can lead to an unbalanced look in your bathroom.

If your bathroom has a double basin, you should go for a rectangular mirror. If you would like to give your bathroom a contemporary look, then you can go for a mirror with a metal, brass or wooden frame.

Installing a mirror in a bathroom is not an easy task. The mirror requires mounting carefully and properly. It is best hiring a professional contractor to do the work for you if you don’t have the skills to install it. Once the mirror is fixed in the bathroom, ensure you clean it regularly.

Cleaning the mirror regularly will maintain its new look for a long time. You can clean the mirror using a damp cloth since water will often splash on it. You can also go for scratch resistant mirrors for your bathroom to ensure that maintains its sleek look for many more years to come.

Bathroom mirrors offer you a chance to view yourself face to face. To utilize one fully, ensure there is proper lighting installed above it to suit its necessity and look in the bathroom.