When mirrors are well placed in an interior space, they create an impression of a larger space in what normally looks like a small space. The overall view in the space is also enhanced since the mirror will light up the space by reflecting light, and this will also reflect your personality as a homeowner owner.


wood framed round wall mirror


Mirrors are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. They also come in several framing designs. Some of the most interesting mirror designs are the round mirrors.

They are particularly interesting for they lack corners and sharp edges that are normally found on rectangular mirrors. Since they lack sharp edges, they are ideal for decorating an empty wall, and this makes them a center of attraction.


Full-length Mirrors

One of the most popular mirror designs are the full-length elongated mirrors. They are mostly preferred by people who appreciate the latest fashion trends. These mirrors offer better perspectives of the entire reflections.

Besides being practical and fully functional, these types of mirrors create life in a dull corner of a room. Some of them come with stands for easy mobility. You can always use their mobility to your advantage whenever you want to redecorate or rearrange your room.

You can place the mirror to extend across the length of your dining table to offer a gorgeous centerpiece look. You can use this decoration idea to give your dining area a luxurious touch. Shiny utensils and glassware will look amazing on such a dining table.

When using such a decoration, ensure you seal and secure any mirror edges to ensure that liquids will not sip below the surface of the mirror. You can cover the lower surface with a transparent cover to secure it from liquid spills.


Strategic Hanging Location

Basically, you should mount a mirror on the wall at the area where it will reflect the best or widest view of your interior space.

You can use this mirror placement strategy to enhance an already decorated area by placing it at the front of that area rather than fixing it in the area. The round shape of the mirror will create a boundlessness feeling in the decorated area.


Small or Large

If you want a full length mirror, then it will be large so as to offer you its functionality. However, smaller mirrors are suitable for smaller spaces.

Having a giant mirror in a small space would look awkward as guests would find it aimless to force a large mirror in a small room. You can use multiple smaller mirrors to expand the overall view in a small room rather than using one large mirror.


How to Choose the Frame

A mirror’s frame can be thin or thick. The thickness depends on the existing design in a room. You can use a thin frame in a minimalist theme. The general rule is that a frame thickness measuring ¼ inch should be applied per 1ft diameter of the mirror.

Mirrors with a round shape are truly elegant. You can always use them to create the illusion of a larger space and depth in any room. Their reflecting capabilities magnify the entire beauty of an interior design.

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