If you are looking for the best décor to finish the task of decorating a modern foyer, then the ideal choice would be a wall mirror. Mirrors that are large in size and installed on a wall properly can enhance the overall appearance of your foyer.

It will also assist in adding light in a dark foyer and most certainly add interest and style to the space. Read on for some practical ideas on how you can start decorating your foyer using a contemporary style.

These tips will assist you in transforming an ordinary foyer into a striking entryway that will make an outstanding impression.


Contemporary Wall Mirror


Using a Striking Framed Wall Mirror and Contemporary Metal Art

If you place a contemporary mirror alone on a foyer, it will look stunning. However, if you hang it together with a metal wall art, it will look more impressive.

You can achieve this by placing the mirror of your choice on one side of the foyer opposite the contemporary artwork to get an eye-grabbing display that will be seen from different angles.

The mirror will frame another artwork to highlight the display strategically.


Install the Mirror Next To the Door

Contrary to how most homeowners choose to decorate an entryway, a mirror can be mounted next to the foyer door rather than across the door.

If you place a beautiful contemporary mirror on the wall and next to the door rather than opposite it, it will add more design and interest to the entryway.

The mirror will also offer a convenient area to do some touch-ups before leaving the home.


Using a Mirror and Wall Pockets

You can also consider decorating your space with a contemporary mirror and wall pockets to create a focal point with natural vivid color and texture. You should choose wall pockets that blend well with the mirror’s frame.


Choose a Striking Mirror and a Console

If you place an attractive console in your foyer, then the best spot to install a mirror will be above the console on the wall. Choose a console that has open shelves and place some quality artwork such as a fine sculpture at the center.

Hang your mirror at an appropriate height just above the console to make a better display and complete the new stylish look of your foyer.


Include a Shelf

If you are not comfortable with a console, then you can try using a modern shelf beneath the mirror on your wall. You can place some sculptures or a sleek vase with some floors on the shelf, and ensure they blend with the color of the existing décor and surrounding wall.

Mirrors can make a great choice when you are thinking of decorating an entryway using a contemporary style. These are just some few ways you can use a wall mirror to decorate any foyer and the entire space.

You can find wall mirrors in many different colors and sizes to meet any budget and preference. It will turn an ordinary entryway into a grand foyer.