One of the most essential components of a bathroom is a bathroom mirror. There are many varieties of these mirrors available in the market. For instance, you can find many different sizes and shapes of these mirrors. They also come in a wide range of functionalities.


framed decorative oval bathroom mirrors


It is crucial to understand the basics of these aspects to assist you in making the right choice. The most preferred shapes of these mirrors are square, round, oval, and rectangular. Today, it is even possible to find diamond, octagonal, and heart shaped mirrors for your bathroom.

Oval mirrors standout among other shapes for they can bring elegance and beauty to any type of a bathroom. You can either go for framed or frameless ones. The frames are usually made of materials such as plastic, metal, or wooden.

Frameless ones usually have either slanted or beveled edges. This mirror also offers other functionalities besides assisting in brushing the teeth, shaving, applying some makeup, and styling the hair.

You can easily attach this mirror on the cupboard in your bathroom. This is the cabinet used to keep toiletries and even medicines.

It is often known as the medicine cabinet. In case you don’t have such a cabinet in your bathroom, you can also mount this mirror on the wall. You can also fit it in the wall recess if it already exists in your bathroom.

Another feature offered by the oval shaped mirror is steam proofing. This means that the mirror can resist steam from building up on it. Most normal mirrors lack this feature.

Hence, this mirror is ideal for a bathroom that has a bathtub. You may also use it around the shower area. It functions even better than a powder room.

You can also enhance the mirror’s functionality by improving its visibility. You can simply do this by doubling its visibility. For instance, one side of the mirror can offer a normal reflection whereas the other part can offer an enhanced reflection such that it will assist when applying makeup.

This mirror may also come with its own lighting. This assists in seeing a better reflection especially in a bathroom that lacks enough natural lighting. This will as well assist in enhancing your reflection during the night.

Such lighting is a crucial element that will contribute in enhancing the décor of any kind of a bathroom. This fixture is an added advantage for homeowners who love adding unique effects of lighting in a bathroom space.

Besides enhancing the look of a bathroom, you may also use the mirror to add beauty to any other room. For instance, an oval frameless one is ideal for hanging over the living room’s guest sofa or the lobby.

You can also place it over your office desk. This way, the existing brightness of the room will be enhanced since the mirror will reflect both artificial and natural light.

Generally, these mirrors blend well with both contemporary and tradition bathroom decors. They are extremely versatile such that they can add style and beauty to any other room besides a bathroom such as the office, the lobby area, and the living room.

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