There are many instances in a day when you lean over a bathroom sink to have a look at yourself in the mirror. Bathroom mirrors are not just mere embellishments for complementing décor, but are functional spaces in a bathroom.

They offer a place for men to do a clean shave and for women to put on makeup. Therefore, it is crucial to choose them with care depending on the shape, type, style, and any extra features such as lighting.


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Types of Bathroom Mirrors

There are different types of mirrors suitable for the bathroom. They can be fixed, hanging, or movable mirrors. Fixed mirrors for the bathroom are some of the most common traditional types available in the market.

They are fixed on a cabinet for storing bathroom supplies. However, modern fixed mirrors have emerged to match well with modern bathroom designs.

Hanging mirrors for the bathroom give an artistic and stylish appearance in a bathroom. They are available in different designs and sizes. They assist in offering a more compact look since they can be hung directly on the wall.

Movable mirrors for the bathroom are common in hotels, but are now being used in homes due to their convenience and flexibility. They can be adjusted and moved to achieve the desired viewing angle.


Factors to Consider when Choosing a Bathroom Mirror

The key factors to assist you when choosing a mirror for a bathroom include shape and size, lighting, and storage. To start with, it is crucial to consider the size of a bathroom wall when choosing bathroom mirrors.

They should be light and make a bathroom space appear more spacious and larger. Smaller bathrooms should go with infinity mirrors.

The most common shapes to choose from include square, round, oval, and rectangular. You may choose one with decorative frames or a frameless one.

Bathrooms were dimly lit in the past. However, bathrooms have become more functional such that lighting is a vital aspect for any bathroom. Hence, you should consider lighting when shopping for a bathroom mirror.

These mirrors now come with LED and illuminated lighting. A light fitting is usually attached overhead, or small LED bulbs are concealed in the frame. You may also choose one that is backlit.

LED lights are more beneficial for they generate less heat, consume less electricity, and are cost effective. They also last longer than other bulbs. The lighting systems in modern mirrors are also water resistant.

You may also go for mirrors that are more useful in the bathroom such as those fitted with cabinets. Although this is more of a traditional style, there are modern mirror designs for the bathroom that come with vanity cabinets that are cleverly integrated for a compact and sleek appearance.

With these features in mind, bathroom mirrors a great way of adding more functionality to a bathroom. Here is a guide to buying them.