A smart homeowner knows the importance of considering the value of an investment when doing home improvements. Although replacing older windows can be seen as a green undertaking, does it always increase greenbacks in the value of a home?

To start with, replacing older windows boosts the value of a home. For instance, spending $15,000 on window replacement may increase the value of your home by around $11k. This is a 74% return on your investment and is a huge payoff.


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You may choose windows that match with the feel and look of the existing decor, those that capture more light, picture windows, and windows that can be cleaned easily such as the double-hung type.

Low-emissivity glass types block natural light and heat from the sun such that they enhance the comfort in your home and protect items such as your furniture and fabric from a problem such as fading.

If you add all the benefits brought about by window replacement such as adding comfort, saving on your finances and the benefits on the environment, then it is clear it will add value to your home.

If you have thoughts of selling off your house in future, then replacing its windows might assist in making your house stand a higher chance of selling at a higher price and be more noticeable in the market.

Buyers always tend to go for homes that are upgraded with newer amenities. Brand new windows will improve its marketability and assist you in commanding a higher price.


Advantages of Replacing Windows

Although you might not have plans to sell your house today, replacing the windows will assist you in saving money. Replacement windows cut on energy bills. New windows usually create an airtight seal such that air does not leak in or out.

Old windows may leak air and this is a key cause of wasting energy. Blocking leakage by replacing older inefficient windows will reduce the cost of cooling or heating your home and you will enjoy a comfortable living space.

You will be ultimately surprised to realize that cooling and heating your home makes up for around 40% of the total annual energy bill. Although it will cost you to install new windows, you will save money on energy bills and spend the money on other needs.

You will stand to save more money when you go for Energy Star rated windows and for each window pane you replace, you will save approximately $100 to $500 annually.

Replacing a double paned window using such an Energy Star rated model will save you around $30 to $200 annually. You will also have made a huge contribution towards curbing green house gas emissions worth 30-6200 pounds.


Want to Know Benefits of Replacing Windows?

Since you now know the numerous ways on how replacing windows will add more value to your life and home, proceed to make a purchase. Majestic Glass offers free quotes for replacing windows in Sydney. Find out more information on the cost savings you will make when you replace your windows by contacting us today.