What Glazing Options Do You Have For Your Sash Windows?

Repairing or renovating sliding mechanisms and wooden frames in traditional windows gives them extra years of trouble-free and attractive life. And what about glass panes? Should you replace or keep older glass panes?

What would you do if the glass panes are damaged? In case your glass windows are cracked, this should be taken as a major safety hazard.

It’s unnecessary to have efficient weather proofing installed on your sash window yet wind can still blow through the broken pane.

Today, window restoration professionals can offer different glazing options for sash windows. Some options offered include stronger glass or glass that has better insulation value than older glass.

It’s worth noting that many older homes have glass with lower insulation value. Thus, they may require restoration with better units.

laminated toughened glass windows

In case you own a listed home, it’s ideal to seek for permission from your local authorities before installing new windows that may later the overall appearance of the existing windows.

However, in most instances, you’ll have the freedom to select from different glass types. You’ll have more options to choose from in case your home does not have any planning restrictions. Nevertheless, you’ll still need to adhere to local building regulations.

The most common sash windows made of glass include:

  1. Laminated and Toughened Glass Windows

Laminated and toughened glass is also called safety glass. Laminated type of glass has a special membrane between double glass panes.

On the other hand, toughened glass is a type of glass manufactured by heating and treating it to enhance its strength.

If you’re installing new glass below 800mm from the floor level, then you should use laminated or toughened glass to adhere to current regulations on the safety of buildings.

These glasses are hardened to resist breaking than what standard glass can. Thus, they’re a great choice for windows that are more accessible to burglars and intruders. They’re also safer whenever they get broken.

For instance, when laminated glass is broken, the broken pieces remain stuck onto the membrane. On the other hand, when toughened glass is broken, it breaks into tiny pieces of glass with smoothened edges rather than sharp shards. This is important for your safety especially when there are kids in your home.


  1. Patterned or Textured Glass

Patterned or textured glass is most suitable for areas where you need privacy but still need natural lighting to pass through such as cloakrooms and bathrooms.

In case you value authenticity, then you can have an experienced craftsman restore your sash windows and assist you in choosing a texture or pattern ideal for the style and age of the existing windows.

double glazed window designs

  1. Sealed Double-Glazed Windows

It’s not possible to add two glass panes on wooden frames due to the weight you’ll be adding. However, if you still want to maintain the style of your traditional window units, and still get the benefits that come with today’s double-glazing, then you can have your home fitted with sealed window units in the original frame.

Whichever glazing type you choose, you should have it installed by professional glaziers. A reliable glazing company in Sydney will be able to restore your sash windows appropriately.

They’ll start with checking the entire window unit and offer advice on the best restoration that will work best for you. This way, your windows will look better.

Majestic Glass is an experienced company in restoring sash windows, proofing sash windows against drought and repairing sash windows. Simply contact us today and have your sash window units restored to look like new units.


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