moden chic apartment with glass walls

Investing in glass walls is one of the most efficient ways to soundproof an interior space. So, if you are the kind of homeowner who appreciates their peace and quiet, you might want to consider super durable glass structures.


It is natural and normal to want to pursue quiet times every now and then. If it is noisy in your neighbourhood or around the vicinity of your home, you could find it hard to get to sleep. You might struggle to concentrate on work at home or respond with stress and frustration to excess noise and sounds.


This is why it is important to invest in high quality soundproofing. There is a range of different materials available, but one of the most effective is glass. This material is not just efficient and great at absorbing and blocking sound, it is also surprisingly affordable.


If you are interested in trying glass walls, as a soundproofing measure, you need to talk to an expert supplier such as Majestic Glass and discuss your needs. We have skilled glaziers who know exactly how to use glass the right way, for soundproofing. We understand that it is the thickness of the material which determines its degree of efficiency.


Yet, bare glass is still quite an unusual sight in domestic residences. It is clean, chic, and modern, but it can seem quite cold and unadorned. Also, soundproofing made out of glass walls needs to be constructed from scratch, so it is not a viable solution for everybody. One alternative is to use sheetrock, combined with silicone caulking.


You are advised to introduce a section of visco-elastic material, affixed between the sheet rocks, to expand upon the sound absorbing qualities of the materials. Traditionally, materials like lead were used for this purpose. Now though, new discoveries about the environmental hazards of lead mean that it is rarely utilised.


Instead, glaziers turn to Mass Loaded Vinyl (or MLV), because it is tough and durable. It fulfils the growing need for soundproofing among both domestic and corporate settings. If you like to listen to music, but your neighbours are fussy and prone to complaint, soundproofing could help you to find the right balance and keep everybody happy.


For those who are bold enough to incorporate bare glass walls in their home, it is worth thinking about the addition of colours, textures, and patterns. Glass is very flexible, particularly before it has been set and treated, and it can be moulded into a huge variety of different forms. You can pick a colour and a style that suits you.


With glass walls, it is possible to marry style and practicality. This material is both creative and extremely useful. So, treat it with appreciation and respect; show glass some love by creating a beautiful soundproofed glass wall in your home. Enjoy the versatility and elegance of this material and allow it to form something truly special.


And, you might even get a little more sleep as well. Just make sure that you seek help from an expert glazier before starting any soundproofing work. This is a precise job and it requires a certain level of skill and knowledge. If you are keen to work to a budget, discuss your needs with our reliable team.