Probably you have been working hard to make savings for your dream home in Sydney, or maybe you set your heart on an elegant older house full of character and charm that most new homes lack and you have now found the ideal one. Once you move into your new home with your household, that’s when reality starts setting in.

Owning a home often comes with many costs. The charm you have always desired to have in your home is not always as practical with time like that of a new home. You can often tell when your home requires some upgrades.

You might be considering making changes that will look like original ones or closest to original. If that’s so, then you might just start with upgrading your windows.


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Here are five key signs that should let you know it is time for replacing your windows:

  • Draft

When the weather turns colder, and you find it impossible to pass by a certain window without draft making you shiver, then you might want to replace such a window. Even the very best windows might let some air in although you might not always notice it.

Windows wear out, just like other items. Windows may warp as a result of exposure such that the frames become loose and allow air to pass through.


  • Increased Energy Bills

If you notice a steady rise in your electricity bills or fuel bills, this should be a clear sign that the windows are becoming less energy efficient. The older style of windows is usually single pane windows or warped windows that block heat or cold.

Replacing such windows with new energy efficient ones will ultimately pay off by lowering the costs of cooling and heating.


  • Water Stains

If you have decided to buy an older home due to its character, it’s crucial to note that such homes often come with old windows. Old windows may have rotten and warped wood frames as a result of exposure to weather elements such as fluctuating temperatures, rain, and sunlight.

Such exposure can even damage well maintained window frames. If you happen to find water stains on inner sides, then your windows might be leaking. If they are indeed leaking, then it is a sign that you should consider replacing them.


  • Condensation

Windows with a single pane have condensation issues but that should not happen with triple or double pane windows. If you happen to find your windows getting foggy between triple or double panes, then this is a sign of an issue with your window. Most likely, the seal might be failing and the window is no longer well insulated and might require replacement.


  • Stuck Windows

If you are struggling to either shut or open a window, then it is a clear sign that it has warped or is fitting either too loosely or too snugly. Either way, such a window will allow excess amounts of air to pass through.

If you have any questions regarding your windows’ efficiency, then call us today at Majestic Glass. We are window replacement experts and we offer premium replacement windows. You can choose between custom fit or locally made windows.

We can also assist you in picking out the style ideal to your home and one that won’t take away the aesthetics of an old home while offering you energy efficiency and modern comfort that you desire.