It is now almost spring season, a perfect season to replace windows. If your winter was drafty or you had problems related to your windows, then it is time to plan for installation of new windows.

Installing windows is quite easy and replacing old windows with new ones offers the mind limitless peace. Once you buy new windows for your home, here is what to expect:


newly installed home windows


Advantages of Replacing Old Windows

Replacing windows is a great decision. You will surely appreciate the multiple benefits associated with replacing windows such as:


The Things to Expect During Installation

After choosing new windows, it is now time to get them installed. The first step is the arrival of a certified window installer at your doorstep. They will offer you some details about the entire process and the expected time to complete the process.

Majestic Glass is always available to respond to any inquiries you might have from management to after service support. Our professionals have a vast experience and have worked on thousands of windows and boast of having decades of experience.

Before work starts, the experts will carry out a detailed inspection on the site. A checklist will be completed to guarantee you the very best service.

Next, the company will get out tools and materials that are quality tested for the task. Such quality tools and materials ensure that your new windows are ultimately set up according to the best standards and they comply with the warranty plan on your windows.

Once it is time for installation, the team will start removing the old windows. They will be removed in a way that will not cause any damage to your home. The process employed ensures that trim, walls, and paint are protected. Once the older window has been removed, the experts start putting together your new custom window. Our expert will also seal and insulate the new window and cap it from the exterior.

However, the attention we give you does not stop there. The leader of the team will carry out another inspection on the newly installed windows to ensure the process has been done properly. The team will also give you more information on how the windows work and respond to any questions that you might have.

Before leaving, the team will clean the workspace and leave it free of any trace of the activity. The only thing that will remain is a beautiful and clean window.

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