The modern world has a culture of fixing the term “smart” into any new advancement in technology. Some new technologies sound like fiction, but they are real and becoming more popular.

It is obvious your home has some advanced items. One of the newest technologies that have gained popularity is smart windows. They are made of glass that functions like solar lighting switches.

Rather than using window treatments when blocking light, these advanced windows control light penetration automatically.


energy efficient smart windows

So How Do They Work?

Another name used to refer to smart glass panes is switchable glass. This is because the glass panes brighten or dim accordingly. The way they let light to penetrate through them depends on its style. Some of them function by flipping some switch that controls the tint once adjusted, thereby controlling the opacity level.

Others operate automatically such that they do not have manual adjustments. They respond according to the level or light like how sunglasses tend to respond to light. They rely on a technology known as photo chromic.

The main benefit of using this technology in windows is that they do not require any electricity or manual adjustments to operate. Hence, they are more reliable.

Electrochromic Glass VS Smart Film

Another technology, though less popular, is where the panes are thermo tropic such that they do not respond to light levels or manual adjustment. They basically dim depending on the level of heat that the glass reads.

The disadvantage of thermo tropic and photo chromic glass is that you cannot control over the amount of light that penetrates into your home. You will also experience problems with these two types of glass during winter.

For instance, thermo tropic ones will not tint properly whereas the photo chromic ones will prevent sunlight from heating your home during winter.

How to Enhance These Windows Using Suspended Particle Techniques

Glass replacements that are switchable have been used for some years now and they are still being improved. Chemical engineering has advanced such that it now allows switching techniques to be improved on the windows with manual operation.

Another new technology is where suspended particle techniques are used where a device with a conductive glazing covers the glass.

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Once the glazing is denied electric current, the particles will block light making the pane opaque until the switch is put on. Once the circuit is complete, the particles will line up such that the pane regains transparency and allow light to penetrate.

Liquid Crystal Windows

These are the same type of panes found in displays of digital gadgets such as laptop screens, digital watches, and DVD players. They are also put in windows. They work like the SPD technology whereby panes remain white and black.

Once some electric current is introduced, the crystal will align to allow light to penetrate. Once the current is removed, the pane will become solid and block light.

Why Go For Hi-Tech Windows?

In case you can enjoy a similar effect when using a curtain, then why install more expensive and technologically advanced windows? Unlike the traditional blinds and drapes that allow sunlight to enter into the house even when they are closed, smart glass are made to reduce heat gain.

Also, you will not have to wash or vacuum this type of glass. Electricity consumption of these windows is minimal but it is always covered by the overall utility savings made by the window. Making smart choices will be great for your home remodeling to do list.

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