glass tint percentage


Energy efficiency is the key for homeowners to cut their monthly electric bills. Weather stripping is one effective way of making your home energy-efficient, but you should not ignore the condition of your windows. Unfortunately, some homeowners are unaware that residential window glass can become more energy-efficient. It tinting is not a viable option, you should consider improving your home’s efficiency by taking advantage of window glass replacement. Intensive studies show that insulated glass can help homeowners conserve a significant amount of energy.


Tinted glass is an unobtrusive and easy way to improve your home’s efficiency. An experienced residential tinting company will be able to apply the tinting film, so that it will be almost undetected. Let’s take a close look at several main benefits of getting tinted glass.




Tinted film is a pleasant alternative to blinds or shutters. Your view will be clear and unobstructed. This is the way you want it!


Reduced Glare


Tinted glass reflects the sun from the outside. This means fewer glares for you inside.


Increased Safety Against Window Breaks


The film used for residential tinting creates a thin barrier that’s resistant to shattering.


Protect Interior Finishes


Wallpaper, carpet, and furniture will fade if exposed to direct sunlight for a period of time. Tinted glass screens out a high percentage of the UV rays that can damage your interior furnishings.


Reduced Energy Costs


In the summertime, tinted window glass reflects sunlight to lower solar heat gain. In the wintertime, the tint behaves like a thin thermal shield to reduce heating costs.


Glass replacement is the perfect option if you are not fond of how tint looks on windows. It is also your ideal choice if want greater energy efficiency. Insulated glass can help you keep the historic look of your windows. It will also go well with contemporary windows. At Majestic Glass, we will make suitable suggestions on the glass and R-value for the project. Going with an experienced contractor such as Majestic Glass will make a huge difference in the end!