Maybe an intruder has broken into your house. Maybe a neighbor’s kid threw an object through your treasured picture window. Or you closed the window too hard and broke it. Whichever the case, you have a broken window and sharp pieces of broken glass on the floor.

What should you do? Just call a glass window repair company. However, before doing that, take some time to gather the following information that will assist you in getting the window repaired soonest possible, probably on the same day.


What Are The Measurements Of The Broken Window?

A crucial factor that would allow same-day repairs of your window is its size. Although the company’s customer care representative will not necessary ask you for the exact size of the glass over the phone, you will surely be asked for an estimate.

Use a tape measure to measure the width and height of the glass. If you can’t get a tape measure, you may use a general copy paper, which is generally eleven inches long.

Having estimates of the size of the glass requiring repair will ensure that the glazier will not be forced to return to the store for a larger piece.


Is The Broken Window Double Or Single-Pane?

A single-pane window is easy to repair, usually on the same day. However, double-pane windows, also known as insulated or thermal windows may take longer.

In most cases, a double pane window is customized. Hence, the glass repair company might have to order a replacement from a manufacturer. Therefore, it may take 5 to 10 days to repair.

It is easy to check whether your window is a single or double-pane, regardless of lacking any knowledge about windows or how damaged it is.

Look for a silver aluminum spacer at the edge of your glass where it touches the frame. It should measure around ¼ to ¾ inches thick. If you find a silver spacer, then your window is double-paned.


If The Window Is Double-Paned, Are The Two Panes Broken Or Just One?

In case both panes are broken, then it is necessary to board the double-pane window. If only a single pane is broken, then it may be left in its place without boarding it.

However, inform the glass replacement company in advance whether it’s just one or both panes that are broken.


What of Broken Door Glass?

In case of broken door glass, a replacement is done using a laminated or tempered safety glass, regardless of whether it has a glass plate or not.

Tempered glass might have to be ordered and generally takes a one or two weeks to be delivered. However, laminated glass can be customized the same day.


What of Broken Textured or Tinted Glass?

If your broken glass is either textured or tinted, and you want it repaired the same day, then you may go for a flat and clear glass. Textured, tinted, or any custom glass would take more time to deliver and may be expensive.


Is the Glass Rounded or Arched?

Rounded or arched windows are usually made from templates and can take a lot of time to be delivered.


Which Floor Is The Broken Window Located?

Some windows may only be repaired from the outside, especially traditional wooden ones, and this might make installation more difficult if they located on the upper floors.


If Intruders broke the Window, Have Law Enforcement Agencies Visited the Scene?

If this is the case, the glass repair service provider has to wait until the police take fingerprints.

Glass repair companies acknowledge that you are not a window professional, but having answers to these questions will assist you in communicating with a representative upon making a call. It will enhance the chances of an expert showing up with the right type and size of glass for a repair on the same day.

Always stay away from broken glass. If possible, let the glass repair team clean the broken glass for you. They are the experts in handling broken glass.