The presence of any amount of lead at home is dangerous for a household. Lead is mostly present in dust, air and paint in older homes that were constructed before 1978. After 1978, lead was outlawed for use as a component of paint.

If your home has lead, it can be even more detrimental if there are children around. Kids have the habit of picking things around such as paint chips that come from old windows and putting them into their mouths.


test lead in a house


Paint peels may generate dust and spread across the home such that it can be swallowed easily by kids when they put dirty fingers in their mouth.

Either way, lead can leave children prone to danger of lead poisoning. In most cases, you may not notice any symptoms of the poisoning. However, children will absorb even the smallest amount of lead into the body and blood than adults such that they can lead to damage on the brain later on.

Pregnant women are also at risk of developing breathing complications when they breathe in dust from lead paint chippings. Hence, lead can surely destroy the safety and value of a home and make children develop long-term health complications.

If you are preparing to remodel your home, especially an older one, then it is vital to get a contractor to carry out lead tests. Homes built prior to 1978 should always be tested for lead. The contractors should follow all the safety guidelines set by industry associations.

The work areas require being contained with plastic at the doorways and windows to keep any lead dust away from other parts of your home. The door and window areas require being cleaned continuously as the lead testing project goes on.

Any dust particles and paint chips should be wiped thoroughly using damp rags. The contractor should also assess these areas to ensure lead paint is completely and safely removed from the house.

Majestic Glass uses these safety guidelines when installing brand new windows in older homes. We know all the dangers of lead and we always do everything possible to ensure a homeowner and the entire household is safe.

We are certified as an employer of lead removal experts and we assure homeowners of the best practices when removing any lead present in a home by adhering to guidelines set by the industry associations and the government.

New windows will offer you multiple functionalities by making your home feel and look better and also keep the entire household safe when installed by a reputable company like Majestic Glass.

Contact us today or pass by our showroom to get more information regarding the possible dangers of lead and why you should renovate an older home.