Replacing your older windows is a huge commitment. Majestic Glass acknowledges this and our desire is to ensure we can do everything possible to assist you throughout the process and make it as easy and stress-free as possible.

Most homeowners acknowledge the fact that placing some plastic sheets over the windows each and every winter isn’t the best way to lower energy bills while keeping the family warm. Replacement windows may also not be in your budget.


Glass Installation Consultation


This is where Majestic Glass comes in handy to offer you a free, no-obligation in-home quote and assist you in understanding the entire replacement process. Hence, you will have upfront knowledge of the exact investment you will be making.

At Majestic Glass, we desire to replace any drafty old windows not just to make money but to ensure you will enjoy the multiple benefits that will come with your investment. Here are some of the key benefits:


  • Enhancing Security: Windows that can be locked properly will assist in keeping your household safe when inside your home.


  • Warmth: New windows will maintain warm air inside during winter and keep hot air outside during summer.


  • Reduces the overall energy bills


  • Increases the visual appeal of a home


We have professionals who will guide your throughout the window replacement process and give you what you want and need. The experts will visit your home and carry out a thorough inspection on your windows and advice you on the windows that require replacement.

The experts will also get the exact measurements of your windows. All you will do is sit down as we explain to you about the different colors, materials, and styles available while putting your budget into consideration.

We encourage homeowners to ensure that all the owners of a property are present when scheduling for a free onsite estimate.

The advantage of choosing us to carry out your window replacement project is evident in that we present you with multiple options to choose from and this ensures you get what you personal want.

This also ensures that the whole process runs smoothly when all property owners are in agreement such that there will be no unwanted surprises and changes for anyone after installation of new windows.

If you’re ready to remodel your home by replacing old windows with stylish, functional, and eco-friendly new windows, then contact Majestic Glass today and schedule for a free in-home quote.

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