It is a daunting task when shopping for new windows. One of the most challenging choices to make is whether to buy grid windows or not. Making this choice is connected to functionality and aesthetics.

Read on for the key reasons why many people go for grid windows for their homes.


grid windows



If your home has a colonial design, then you probably know that these windows are generally considered as part and parcel of a colonial aesthetic.

It is in fact argued that a home cannot be considered colonial in style if it lacks grid window patterns. If you value maintaining a traditional style in your home, then it will be vital to consider choosing grid windows.



In earlier years, there are quite a number of homeowners who stopped using grid windows since they are quite challenging to clean. However, the good thing is that at Majestic Glass, we design solid glass panes and put a grid inside the panes such that you do not have to struggle cleaning around the tiny panes in the grids.

You will simply wipe the exterior part of the glass and you are done. You can also get double hung windows from us that have grid patterns and they will also come with special features that will allow you to clean them easily even on the outer side when you are still inside your house.

You will not have to climb ladders to access your top floors to clean the outer side of the windows. To add to this, the solid panes on either side of the window means that you will have a stronger seal that will keep heat inside your home during winter and keep heat outside during summer.



Although the grid pattern adds beauty to a home, some homeowners prefer going without this pattern so as to have better views of their backyard.

If your preference is visibility over beauty, then we will offer you convenient, durable and energy efficient windows that are double hung and without a grid.



There are many forms of aesthetics. Some homeowners go for this type of windows since they offer a visually appealing lighting pattern in an interior space.

Hence, if you desire to add extra elegance with shadow and lighting patterns, then grid windows will be your ideal choice.



A home that has a neo-Victorian, Victorian, or even Tudor style, will put you in a situation where you will have to choose on either going for or not going for grid windows and whether a diamond pattern will be necessary. Diamond patterns are decorative and also add a European style to a home.

If you desire to have a colonial grid with a diamond, European pattern, or a distinctive brand, Majestic Glass has all it takes to give the elegance and beauty of colonial styles with all functionalities and efficiency of modern windows.

Just contact us today for a no obligation and free in-home quote. Your new grid windows are right here waiting for you!