Sydney CBD office glass partition


Eco-friendly office spaces are becoming an important part of the modern work environment. Government subsidies, marketing campaigns, and a societal consensus of its beneficial properties are pushing this trend. Designing and implementing an eco-friendly office space can work wonders for productivity, employee morale, and aesthetic appeal of any work environment.

When designing an eco-friendly office space, one of the easiest steps you can take is to replace your existing partitioning. This small change can make a dramatic impact in your office space and thus lead to changes in your work.


When To Upgrade

While many businesses have already invested in changing their interior, many places are still behind. If your office has the standard, out-dated solid dividers, replacing it with glass can drastically change a work space. However, almost any office can benefit from this change. A business crammed with row after row of cubicles can be lifted with a simple transition from plastic to glass.

Another space that can be lightened by this change is a conference room. With the shift from intimidating solid, opaque walls to glazed sound-proof room dividers, your space can become much more enjoyable to work in. This simple alteration in your office design has numerous benefits to your work space and employee environment and can greatly impact your business in positive ways.


Modern Office Design

These impacts are most obvious when designing an eco-friendly modern office environment. Dividing a room with glass helps provides an elegant, natural light that brightens a room without the buzz and side effects of fluorescent light when given combined with a design that incorporates windows. It spruces up any room, adding a sophisticated air and visually enlarges what could otherwise be a cramped and confined space.

The introduction of a colour scheme or logo to your glass is a unique and innovative avenue for increasing employee morale, as well as adding a depth of professionalism to your work environment. It is an easy, cost-effective way to add branding power to the workplace. Not only does it impress your employees, but separates your office branch and sets your workplace a cut above the rest.


Save Money

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, glass dividers are a relief on your financial stress. Allowing natural light into your office space means less of your valuable assets spent on electricity and energy bills. This helps make your business sustainable, both for your financial statements and the environment as a whole.

In order to maximize these savings, it’s recommended to place them as close as possible to a natural source of light. The fewer artificial lighting fixtures your business has, the less synthetic energy is used to light your space. Using natural sources means more money for your business and less industrial waste released into the environment.



Glass is usually divided into two categories: single and double glazed. While single-glazed is satisfactory in most spaces, certain environments, like conference rooms, require higher acoustic standards. Double-glazed is a great alternative for these special accommodations.