The presence of gas between double and triple pane windows has a big impact on cooling and heating expenses. It will be wise if you learn more about the most energy-efficient type of windows prior to purchasing new ones.

One of the most common gases used between window panes is argon. This is because argon is an odorless and colorless gas. Argon also boasts of being denser when compared to air and this makes it more efficient and a better insulator.


argon gas filled window pane


Krypton, a gas, is also used as a thermal barrier and is denser when compared to argon. However, krypton gas is relatively more expensive than argon and its higher price may not guarantee more efficiency in insulation. Both gases are naturally occurring and nonreactive.

Most of the expenses in a home come from cooling and heating. If you want to get efficient windows, look for those with an Energy Star rating since their efficiency is double that of ordinary windows.

Windows that have this rating are not just efficient insulators but are also efficient in cutting down on any UV damage that may occur in your interior space items such as furniture and fabric.

The windows we offer at Majestic Glass excel at having advanced technologies that allow you to get the attractive look you desire. Our windows also boast of having high ratings on energy efficiency.

Our triple paned windows offer unprecedented comfort and energy savings. We also have double paned windows with extra insulation from two low-emissivity coatings of silver oxide and a pane made of low-emissivity glass to enhance the efficiency of the window.

They are able to block UV rays by as much as 90% and they contain as much as 99 percent argon gas. Triple paned windows offer more comfort for a home. The panes insulate different temperatures and are efficient noise barriers.

Our triple paned windows offer some of the most effective insulation properties for enhanced efficiency. They can block up to 97% of UV rays and they contain as much as 98.8 percent krypton gas.

Triple paned windows are rated as number one for reducing noise since their spacer system is made using 100 percent polymer foam.

With this information in mind, which option will you go for? Any window you buy from Majestic Glass will guarantee you a significant reduction on your annual cooling and heating expenses.

Professional technicians at Majestic Glass will assist you in determining the windows that will be ideal for your home. Contact us today and inquire about the available windows. We look forward to serving you!