As the world shifts focus to energy efficiency and energy savings, home improvement becomes somehow confusing. The confusion is evident in windows since they all tend to look similar to most people.

However, the question is whether there are any differences between the many types of windows available in the market and if there are any benefits in replacing older windows with newer ones.


choosing energy efficient windows for home


Besides reduced bills on cooling and heating, modern technologies play a huge role on the functionality of windows that are energy efficient.

Window professionals at Majestic Glass have broken down some of the key energy efficiency features that keep you warmer during winter and cooler during summer. Read on to learn more.


Glass Coating

In windows that are energy efficient, a low-E glass, also referred to as low-emissivity glass, is utilized to assist in blocking sun rays by as much as 90% and keep heat within a home when it is cold or keep heat outside when it is hot.

Other glazing options such as tints, reflective coatings, and gas fills work in the same way. The goal of these window technologies is to save on the costs of cooling and heating.


energy saving windows to reduce bills



Spacer Systems

Windows are now more thermal-efficient and free of condensation by using 100% polymer foam for insulation rather than using metal.

Majestic Glass uses the best spacers in the market to lower heat loss and increase the energy efficiency of windows.


Window Technology

Use of gas and multiple glass panes are some modern technologies being used in windows. Triple and double paned glass are more effective in blocking UV rays.

Triple glazed windows block as much as 97% of sun rays and this makes a home more comfortable throughout the year and prevents fading of flooring, fabrics, and other items.

Filling the entire space that exists between insulated glass panes with a gas known as krypton is another technology that reduces heat transfer, thereby increasing energy efficiency of a window.

If windows aren’t equipped with proper spacers, coatings, and glass, they will be comparable to a thermal hole. Estimates show that around a third of air conditioning and heating costs come from the windows.

However, with modern energy efficient window technologies, all you need doing is worrying about having your older windows replaced. Be assured of saving some money and having an energy efficient living space.

For additional information on replacement windows and energy efficient windows in Sydney or NSW, contact Majestic Glass now! Today will be the perfect day to start making significant energy savings.