During winter, it gets extremely cold and homeowners always ask themselves whether they should replace their glass windows or just let them stay longer.

Window replacement projects are a challenging task. Moreover, there are several myths that surround window replacement.

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You might have heard some misconceptions surrounding window installations projects and they might be making you avoid the idea completely.

The aim of this article is to dispel the most common myths that surround window replacement. This way, you will be in a better position to make a more informed decision whenever you find the need to replace your older windows.


Myth #1: All Glass Windows Must be Replaced at Once

Most homeowners shy away from replacing their glass windows since they think that they must replace all old windows at once.

It’s obvious that replacing each and every window in your home can be quite expensive such that handling the entire project at once may be quite challenging.

However, it is also important to realize that there’s no rule that dictates on the number of windows you should replace at any particular time. Replacing just a single window or all of them is a choice that depends on your budget and preferences


Myth #2: You Should Never Replace Your Glass Windows During Winter

No homeowner wants to replace their older glass windows during winter. This is not the season anyone would want to replace their windows.

No homeowner wants to remove existing windows to install new ones and in the process allow in extremely cold air.

However, hiring a reputable window glass replacement company will ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect your home from outside weather elements no matter how snowy or cold it might be.

Professional and experienced window installers can replace your old windows one at a time to ensure no opening will allow in extreme elements.

While working, professionals will ensure that the current room they are working on is properly sealed to prevent cold air from finding its way to other rooms.

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Myth #3: Installing Glass Windows Will Take Weeks

Although the process of manufacturing or customizing your replacement set of windows might take some weeks, the installation process will only take one day, if not two, based on the number of windows to be replaced.

The window installer should give you an estimate on the time it will take to install the windows and all other necessary details.

However, your home shouldn’t be opened up to weather elements for a prolonged period of time. If multiple days are required for the installation, any openings should always be closed until installation is fully complete.

Luckily, professional installers will do the project quickly and efficiently. Upon finishing the project, they will ensure your home is left even cleaner than before.


Myth #4: Replacing the Existing Windows Will Ruin Your Home’s Structure

Most homeowners believe that replacing their windows will destroy the structure and style of their house. However, this assumption is not factual.

An experienced window installer will replace older windows without causing any damage to the walls or foundation.

The structure of your home would only be disturbed if it’s foundation is falling apart or rotting. Professional window installation companies will first remove any rotting wood before fitting in new replacements.

Everything will be patched after removing the rotting wood. By so doing, the new installation will leave your home intact after completion of the project.

Myth #5: You Cannot Alter the Style of Your Windows

If a certain color or style of windows no longer fits your taste, there’s no reason keeping it. Some homeowners think that replacements have to come with the same color or style of the older windows.

However, this is untrue. For instance, if you no longer like your casement windows, you can replace them with double hung windows or any other type you desire.

When it comes to windows, you will be free to choose what you want depending on your budget and personal preferences.

Whether you prefer changing the current style or matching and mixing different styles and colors, the choices you make will depend on what you want.

You will also be free to choose the kind of materials you want for your replacements. Most homeowners prefer vinyl windows for their energy efficiency, ease of customization and affordability.

You can also choose other options such as fiberglass, wood, and aluminum. Choose the material depending on the benefits you want to get from the new windows.

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Myth #6: All Types of Windows are Similar

There are people who assume that all windows at similar. However, this far from the truth. Different manufacturers make windows of varying quality even if the design and materials used are similar.

If a manufacturer uses low quality materials to make the replacements, the end product will also be of poor quality. Also, product warranties matter.

Established window dealers offer lifetime product warranties to guarantee their customers that they are getting high-quality windows.

Also, if you’re dealing with a reputable company, then you will be assured that you are getting high-quality windows.

Always do thorough research on potential window installation companies before hiring one. By so doing, you will make sure that you will get the best services and products.


Myth #7: New Windows Don’t Require Any Maintenance

Some replacements, such as vinyl windows, are usually assembled fully and you will replace them as one complete set rather than installing one component by one.

Vinyl replacements also come as pre-painted sets with colors that don’t fade. You can also choose a vinyl replacement with faux-wood finishing. Although they’re almost maintenance free, they will still require some upkeep. You should wipe them down once in a while to keep them dust and dirt free.

Wooden windows require more maintenance, unlike vinyl ones. Wood can warp and rot with time if not well maintained. You should treat or stain wood on a regular basis to maintain the vibrant and elegant look of wood grain.


Myth #8: You Can Easily Replace Windows Yourself

Most homeowners assume that installing windows is an easy DIY project. While replacing existing windows with new ones may seem easy upon observing the experts do it, in the real sense, it is a task that requires lots of skills and expertise. A more experienced window installer will ensure that your windows are properly installed.

If the windows are not properly installed, they may become drafty, leaky and difficult to open and close. Hence, it’s best leaving a window installation project to the experts.

In conclusion, window replacement projects do not have to be really stressful. It helps when you learn more about the entire process.

Now that you’ve learnt some facts about replacing windows, you will be more informed and stand a better chance of making the right decisions.


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