Generally, more than 40 percent of energy consumption in most typical homes comes from cooling and heating. Quality of the windows in a home affects the amount of money you will spend to keep your home cool during summer and hot during winter.

Windows that are of higher quality have higher R-value. This is an indicator of the resistance to the flow of heat through glass. Supposing you check out many windows having identical color and size at a local store, you might not tell which one is more energy efficient than the other by just looking at the glass. This is why understanding the R-value indicator is important.


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It can be possible getting windows from a local store but it is always best working with a professional window replacement contractor who stands the best chances of offering credible explanations about the different windows you’re considering.

Local big box window stores may not have professionals who can help you in making such critical decisions, but they’ll surely assist you in filling your shopping cart and making the purchase.


Advantages of Choosing Windows with a High R-Value

If you choose windows that have a high R-value, then you will stand better chances of getting high quality windows and this will translate to saving more money. You will enjoy:

  • Using less energy for heating your home as a result of reduced heat loss from the interior space
  • Reduced heating from the sun through the windows during summer, thus it is easier keeping your interior space cool
  • Enhanced ability to ensure the interior temperature is kept constant in all rooms


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Professional Installation

Another key benefit of hiring professionals such as Majestic Glass is that you’ll receive professional and quality window installation services. If you buy replacement windows from most local stores, you might end up installing them on your own.

Even if you’re handy, you might not fix them like an expert would do since professionals install windows on a daily basis and therefore have the necessary expertise. Hiring experts means that the installation has a guarantee such that in case of a problem, you can call them for assistance.

If you have ever tried calling a local store for further assistance after buying something, the results might not have been that good.

Majestic Glass offers free estimates from your home and we have a wide range of colors and styles to select from. We also offer a warranty on locally manufactured windows. If you buy windows from your local store, you might save some little money at that very moment.

However, the quality of windows from Majestic Glass pays for themselves within few years. You will also get professional installation services from our experts and a lifetime warranty.

If you are ready to work with us, then call Majestic Glass and schedule for a free quote and know the windows that are ideal for your elegant home.