At Majestic Glass, we sell windows that come with long-lasting and sturdy screens. We acknowledge that these screens are of uttermost importance to your well-being. These screens are barriers that keep insects away whenever you open the windows to let fresh air in.


insect screens on windows


The screens keep away any flying insects and wasps from entering into your interior space. They also keep away many types of pets from accessing your interior space through an open window. Hence, these screens are really important.

Keeping insects out is just one reason why you should always maintain your screens. Read on for more reasons as to why it is crucial to maintain window screens.


Curb Appeal

If you are planning to sell your home, one key thing that real estate agents would suggest is replacing the window screens. These agents know that dirty or damaged window screens will make a potential buyer to question on your capabilities of taking care of the rest of the home if you are unable to take good care of simple screens.

Hence, clean screens will surely make a great impression to potential buyers. Well-maintained and shiny screens will also add visual appeal to your home’s overall beauty and impress your visitors.


Dirt Splash

Besides increasing your home’s curb appeal, screens that are fully functional and clean will also assist in keeping the exterior side of your panes from dirt splash.

Clean screens ensure dirt does not splatter on the glass window. You will only have rain water flowing down the window panes and give the windows another cleaning.


Heat Transfer

Screens that are working effectively assist in reducing heat transfer. Much of the insulation work is achieved by the coating that comes with glass panes, the krypton or argon gas between double or triple panes, and the window frames.

However, screens also assist in insulation. For instance, the screens ensure pests are kept away such that they won’t chew holes on the frames. Holes made by rodents and pests would accelerate loss of heat.


Water Damage

If the screens are working properly, they’ll assist in deflecting rain water. Window frames tend to deteriorate when water pools on them continuously.

This is because continuous presence of water on the frames causes molding. Molds may also start forming on the screens. However, a fully functioning and clean screen will resist water and molds will not develop.

Just some little maintenance on your screens will translate into long term benefits regarding the security and safety of home. Always stay vigilant by maintaining window screens!

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