Glass table tops made of  add elegance and beauty to a room. If you maintain and take good care of them, then you can extend their life and keep them looking as good as new for a long period of time. Here are some expert tips for maintaining and protecting mirrors and glass surfaces.


Tips for Maintaining Glass Tables


The Best Mirror and Glass Cleaner

There’re many cleaners available for cleaning glass without leaving any streaks behind. Their prices vary and you can even make a budget-friendly cleaning solution using water and vinegar.

Simply mix white vinegar and water in the ratio of 1:2 respectively and apply the mixture on the glass surface.

Then wipe it off using a newspaper or a lint-free cloth. You can also buy commercial cleaners such as aerosol foam glass cleaners. You will just need to spray the cleaner on the glass and wipe it off to make it sparkling clean.


What Should I Avoid?

Never use abrasive products on glass surfaces. Cleaners that contain acid or ammonia should also be avoided. Such products can destroy glass edges and the silver coating on mirrors.

Also, avoid using a paper towel to wipe off moisture from a glass surface since it can leave lint behind and this tends to be unsightly.


Why Do I Get Streaks On My Glass After Cleaning It?

The cleaner you are using is the main cause of leaving streaks on glass surface. Most cleaners leave some residue and streaks appear once it dries up. High quality cleaners do not leave residue and streaks after drying up.

Also, use absorbent cloth or towel when drying the glass. If the material you are using to dry your glass does not absorb enough moisture, then you will end up having streaks on the glass.


What Else Should Be Done To Eliminate Any Streaks?

In case the cleaning towels you are using are not doing the trick, try using a newspaper. Crumpled newspapers absorb moisture efficiently and do not leave any lint behind.

Also, avoid cleaning mirrors and glass under direct sunlight since it would dry the glass surface before wiping off the cleaner, and this would leave streaks.


Should I Wipe A Glass Table Horizontally Or Vertically?

The direction you use when wiping glass does not matter. What matters is the pressure you use in whichever cleaning motion. It is recommended to apply even pressure while wiping either horizontally or vertically.


How to Keep Glass Glowing


Tips for Glass Table Maintenance


You can maintain glass in its pristine condition by taking good care of it. Avoid placing items with rough bases or sharp corners on glass since they can scratch the surface and make it dull over time.

Use placements and coasters whenever you place cups and plates on your glass dining table. Also, clean glass tops regularly to eliminate fingerprints and dust. This reduces smudgy appearance on a glass surface.

If you admire the beauty of tables with glass tops but you are yet to decide on buying them, contact Majestic Glass today and get professional advice on ideal glass solutions.