A table top made of tempered glass is the ideal choice when choosing to have table tops made of glass in your home. Today, many families and individuals are using glass for their table tops. This is due to the simplicity of glass and the sophistication and style it adds into a home’s interior décor. However, they also add a hazard in a home.

There are many children and adults who are hospitalized annually as a result of accidents that involve glass tables. Reports indicate that around 20,000 cases happen annually from these accidents.


tempered glass table top


A common way through which these accidents happen is when children crash into a glass top such that it breaks into several sharp pieces. A solution that can prevent this problem is by using tempered glass.

Although such glass will cost you relatively more since it comes with enhanced strength, it will pay off since it is safer. It is stronger than ordinary glass. The strength is enhanced by using heat treatment technologies during manufacture.

The key difference between ordinary glass and tempered glass for a table top with respect to safety is the way the glass breaks. Tempered ones shatter into many small pieces that are blunt while normal glass shatters into jagged pieces. Hence, normal glass breaks into sharp shapes that can easily cut you and lead to severe injuries.

However, tempered glass shatters into many small blunt pieces that reduce the risk of being injured. You might only get minor injuries in an unfortunate event if tempered glass breaks.

Some manufactures tend to push low quality and cheap glass products to consumers with the aim of increasing their profits. They do this by dealing with ordinary pieces and selling them at higher prices without warning the customers about the obvious dangers posed by low quality glass.

Hence, if you love glass items, chances are you might be having some unsafe glass furniture in your home without your knowledge.

In case you are a victim of such a scenario, the best thing to do is contacting a glazier and request for a replacement with tempered glass. You can also trade your current table for a safer and newer one.

Whichever the case, always ensure that your desires for sophistication and style do not compromise the safety in your home. Ensure that you only go for a table with a tempered glass top.