How to Protect and Maintain Your Patio Glass Table

A table with a glass top looks great in the patio. But how should you protect it from harsh weather elements such as hard water, rainfall, and sunlight? Read on for some tips on how to protect and maintain it.


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Positioning the Table

Glass is often clear. Hence, it is not easy to spot edges of glass surfaces on a table like in the case of plastic and wooden tables.

Edges of these tables are almost invisible when the space around the table is not well lit. Hence, you can bump into the edges and get injured. The best way of avoiding this problem is ensuring that the table is placed away from the walking area in the patio.

This will ensure that you will not bump into the edges. The ideal location should be against a wall. If you have kids at home, then ensure that the table is away from their play area to avoid accidents.

Also consider to place the table in a space where it’ll be visible enough. Avoid placing it in a dark area. Place it in a well lit area so as to ensure it’s more visible. This will also add beauty to your patio since it will reflect light and make it appear sparkling and more appealing. If you are looking to build a patio, check out our friends page if you need patio builders.


Table cloth

This is a cloth used to protect a glass top when placing items such as cups. You can use it to protect the table from getting nasty scratches. Use a table cloth made of a soft fabric like cotton.

Using a soft material is advisable since placing harder materials on glass surface can scratch it especially when it slides over the surface.

Hence, try as much as possible to ensure the piece of cloth is kept still. You may do this by placing an elegant flower vase on the table, preferably at the middle to play as the table’s centerpiece.



How to Protect a Glass Table Top

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Be Stylish and Safe by Using Tempered Glass Top for Your Table

A table top made of tempered glass is the ideal choice when choosing to have table tops made of glass in your home. Today, many families and individuals are using glass for their table tops. This is due to the simplicity of glass and the sophistication and style it adds into a home’s interior décor.



It will be great to use some cork bases or coasters under the cups when placing them on the table. Tea cups are some of the items that often scratch glass surfaces.

Sliding water glasses and cups on the table also tends to create squeaky sounds as they scratch the surface and this sound is irritating.

Hence, protect your table by using coasters rather than placing tea cups directly on the glass. No matter the item you are placing on the table, always place it careful and avoid sliding items on the table.


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Always avoid exposing the table to sunlight. Glass can easily shatter when directly exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. On a hot day, sunlight tends to be hot and this will make the table fade and the frames may get damaged.


Add Rubber Pads

You can add some rubber pads under the table’s legs to protect them from vibrations that occur when slamming a door shut. Vehicles and heavy trucks that pass by also generate vibrations that can damage your table. The pads will absorb the vibrations and protect your table.

With these tips in mind, you will be able to maintain and protect your patio glass table from damage. Visit to learn more about our glass patio table tops in Sydney.

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