If you own a modern house, then a key item you are most likely to be using in your living space is a table with a glass surface. After all, one of the best materials for modern décor in a home is glass. If you combine glass with metal, then you will have a unique and perfect piece to fit any design, be it a contemporary design or an industrial room.

However, before buying the glass table of your choice, there are some few aspects you will need to consider.


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If you aren’t maintaining your table properly, then you will not love its presence since poor maintenance will lead to a marred glass surface. The very first thing to consider is the room you will be placing the table and the family members or people who use that room. In case your family is always active and moves hard items around that space, then you will have to take good care of the glass top.

The first measure to take is ensuring that whenever you want to put items with a rough or hard surface on a glass top, ensure you put a soft material on the top table before placing a rough item. For instance, you can use a doily beneath a lamp or a coaster beneath a glass. You can also use a runner across the top surface when you want to place items on the glass surface without getting it scratched.

The next step to take is keeping the table out of danger zones in the room. This means that you should ensure the table does not become a barrier that people will run into or drop items on since such occurrences can easily break the glass and leave you without the piece of furniture and décor you adore.


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Another measure you will have to take is coming up with a schedule for maintaining the glass furniture. The maintenance schedule should include the most essential maintenance practices. For instance, you will have to dust the glass regularly, at least on a weekly basis or more often if dust tends to accumulates in your space quickly.

Although you might fail to realize it, dust gathers very easily on glass surfaces and it often comes with dirt particles that can scratch a glass table surface when the particles are rubbed on the glass surface. Hence, it is easier getting rid of such dust rather than letting it accumulate and damage the beauty of your table.

The next thing to consider is keeping your table clean. Besides dust, grime and dirt can also get on your table easily. The dirt can be some drops of wine, coffee, soda or any other beverage or liquid and this can lead to a sticky and dirty surface.

Grimy hands may also touch the glass top. There are many other ways that can lead to marks and streaks on the glass. No matter the cause of the dirt, you should always get rid of it before it causes any damage. Always remember that dirt might get pushed on the glass and scratch it and beverage stains can attract more dust and dirt.

You can easily remove such sticky dirt by using a soft rag and warm water with soap to clean the surface. Then dry the glass top using a dry soft cloth. This will ensure your table maintains its attractive look and always look new.

Finally, you might want to make use of glass cleaners to make the top surface look shiny like new. It will also assist in removing small particles and dust that might find their way on the surface. We recently supplied a glass table top to Absolute Summit SEO, along with safety instructions to hep protect the glass.

Always ensure that you adhere to this maintenance tips and clean the glass top table on a weekly basis or at shorter intervals if your space has more activity or it accumulates dust quickly. This maintenance schedule will keep the glass top surface of your table looking new for many years.