Some furniture designs and choices come and fade. Others such as tables with a glass top always stay in the market for they offer sleek elegance. Some come with standard designs while others are custom cut. Custom ones offer more elegance.

But how is a custom glass table made? Basically, a professional company that deals in customized glass will have experts in cutting, mitering, polishing, tempering, and beveling glass.


custom cut table top for dining table


Hence, when you want to add such a timeless piece of art to your home, the experts will tell you everything you should know. Read on for more information on how to get started with these tables.

Custom made tables are more of an art for they involve crafting custom designs. Companies that deal with these tables offer a wide variety of custom products. However, only professional companies can deliver a true custom product based on their expertise in cutting and crafting glass to meet the needs of a client.

Customizing these tables takes professional service delivery, dedication, and experience to convert ideas into real tables. The equipment and machinery used in customizing these tables can be either manual or automated.

However, creating a truly beautiful custom piece requires the product to be handmade. Automated machinery can never be compared to handmade craftsmanship of grounding and polishing glass.

Customizing these tables not only improves their beauty, it also protects them from dents, damages, scratches, spills, and kids’ messes. The protection offered by customization is the most efficient way of protecting the table while still enjoying the beauty it adds to a room.



Uses of These Tables

  • Making the room look spacious and uncluttered
  • Protecting the table from nicks, scratches, and any other such damages
  • Creating a shape that fills the unusual room space
  • Creating life in a dull space
  • Used in conference rooms to give the space a polished, professional look
  • Refreshing aging furniture rather than staining or repainting
  • Adding a perfect touch of beauty to an end table or a nightstand
  • Refurbishing older tables which are prone to weathering or damage
  • Protecting the existing furniture rather than investing in new furniture


Why You Should Choose a Company that Customizes Glass Tables

A company that deals with customizing glass will stand a chance of making a table of your choice by converting your ideas into a real template. Such a company will be able to cut glass with accuracy and precision.

Professional companies use special papers to make patterns of the design and when making the rubbing of your table. You can think of the rubbing as a foil placed on a coin, then pressed firmly on the coin until the picture and shape of the coin appears on the foil.

Then glass is laid on the template pattern. Glass is transparent such that it will be custom cut to match with the template shape precisely. Finally but not least, the designer will use his or her own hands and a polishing equipment to polish glass until it attains smooth edges.

Also, professional companies will go an extra step of mitering the glass. Inexperienced companies would not match such quality and care.