Tables that have a glass top surface are visually appealing. You may have come across them in a store and their beauty made you order one or more.

However, with time, you have surely experienced the reality that cleaning a glass surface is quite challenging. It is not easy like some people assume.


12mm Toughened Glass Table Top


Many homeowners prefer buying these tables for multiple reasons. For instance, they have a classy look, they lighten up a dull room since they reflect light, and they are an ideal alternative to wooden tables. Glass surface is also protective and durable when taken care of.

While some of these tables are made of a pure glass surface, others comprise of a glass top that protects a wooden table surface beneath. Wooden tables are prone to damage due to dents and scratches from items we place on them on a daily basis.

Items such as silverware, plates, paperclips, pens, and other such items tend to scratch and damage wooden surfaces. Hence, many business people and homeowners prefer glass to ensure their investment is protected. For instance, conference tables covered with glass will protect the executive desk from sustaining damages.

However, if you are a busy person and you do not have the necessary expertise in cleaning glass, or you have never owned such a table before, then follow these tips on how you can keep the glass surface of your table clean.


The Appropriate Glass Cleaners

Most glass cleaners available in the market comprise of ammonia. There are other cleaning sprays popularly referred to as multi-surface cleaners. These cleaners contain vinegar, which is a natural cleaning compound.

Actually, most people use simple homemade recipes when cleaning glass by using rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, and water. Since most people have these ingredients at home, and they are also readily available from local stores, you can easily make a cleaning compound.

Just combine one cup of pure water, one tablespoon of vinegar, and one cup of alcohol in a clean spray bottle. With this homemade recipe, you would never have to purchase glass cleaners again.

Once your cleaner is ready, remove dirt particles from the surface of glass using a sponge or a soft dry cloth. Then spray the cleaner on the surface. Although paper towels can be used for wiping the surface, they might leave some streaks.

Hence, use a microfiber or lint free piece of cloth to wipe off the surface after spraying. This will leave the surface streak-free and give the table top a professional and streamlined surface.


Go Green When Cleaning Your Table

In case you like cleaning glass surfaces and you want minimal impacts on our environment, then go green by using natural cleaners found in the market.

You can easily find natural cleaners derived from plants such as ethanol made from corn or cleansers derived from coconut. Most of these cleaners contain some vinegar.

In case you desire to go fully green, ensure the cleaner comprises of biodegradable ingredients. However, if you want the glass to look clean but with minimal efforts, then just use vinegar and rubbing alcohol.

These simple products will make your table with a glass surface look shiny and smudge free with minimal effort.

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