• beautiful round mirror in living room

A Guide To Choosing The Best Mirrors For Any Room

  A clever way of changing the atmosphere of any space in a room is using mirrors to make it visually appealing. It is difficult to choose the right mirror one for a specific room since there are several shapes, colors, and designs to choose from. A mirror can highlight and define the already existing

  • woman cleaning a mirror

7 Tips On Cleaning Mirrors

Mirrors and glass windows collect dirt easily, despite cleaning them often. A mirror often comes in contact with handprints, plain dust, grime, oils, and many other forms of stains. Whether it’s your dressing room mirror, a bathroom mirror, an office mirror, or any other mirror, you will always desire to keep it sparkling clean. No

  • decorative mirror design

A Guide On How To Choose Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors are a great choice for decorative purposes. They create a warm effect, reflect light, and make small spaces appear large. Mirrors offer a wide variety of solutions to interior design challenges. However, choosing the right shape, style, and size of a decorative mirror may be overwhelming. To make choosing the right decorative mirror, follow

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Adding Class with Mirrored Glass

Mirrors give a whole new look to your home, wherever they’re situated and have always been effectively used for decorating rooms by enhancing light to make rooms look brighter and even to make a small room look larger than they are. However, it’s safe to say that most mirrors are used for personal grooming, which

Various Methods of Graffiti Removal

Graffiti has been part of the social fabric of the urban society for a long time. Most people view graffiti as detrimental to their society beauty and hence the government has outlawed the practice. The decision prompted the need for graffiti removal. Graffiti artists have a tendency of marking almost any surface. This antisocial behavior

Is Graffiti A Crime?

Art is a way that many people convey their inner selves. In just one simple painting you can feel emotions, be reminded of a fond memory or even think of a loved one. From Van Gough to Leonardo Da Vinci, to modern artists nowadays, art will always be something of value - something to be

Popular Graffiti Targets

Graffiti began in the early 1970’s on the trains of New York and Philadelphia. These vandals used spray paint to sign their tag, or signature name and design, on trains that would travel and be seen all over the city. Graffiti quickly spread from city to city and everywhere in between. While some take their

Graffiti Removal Techniques for Different Surfaces

Cleaning graffiti may vary in method depending on the surface material you need to clean. Care should always be taken to protect yourself from chemicals and solutions used to clean graffiti by wearing protective eye wear, gloves, and garments such as a smock or apron for any additional exposed skin. With any chemical or cleaner

Using Glass Walls as a Chic and Practical Approach to Soundproofing

Investing in glass walls is one of the most efficient ways to soundproof an interior space. So, if you are the kind of homeowner who appreciates their peace and quiet, you might want to consider super durable glass structures.   It is natural and normal to want to pursue quiet times every now and then.

Reduce Glare and Your Energy Bill With Residential Glass Tint

  Energy efficiency is the key for homeowners to cut their monthly electric bills. Weather stripping is one effective way of making your home energy-efficient, but you should not ignore the condition of your windows. Unfortunately, some homeowners are unaware that residential window glass can become more energy-efficient. It tinting is not a viable option,