Benefits of Installing Glass Kitchen Splashbacks in Sydney

You can easily make your kitchen look better by installing splashbacks. However, it’s important to choose splashbacks wisely.

By making the right choice, the splashback will complement your kitchen’s theme and accentuate the overall beauty and value of the property.

Today, more homeowners are choosing glass splashbacks over other types of splashbacks such as traditional grout and tile. Read on for the advantages of installing glass splashbacks in Sydney.

ideas for choosing a glass splashback in sydney

  1. Protects the kitchen walls

Unfortunately, kitchen walls suffer from moisture, stains, splashes, and mold infestation. Such a wall looks unsightly and unhygienic. Thus, it’s important to keep the kitchen walls clean and attractive.

You can discuss with a splashback installer about the best position to install the kitchen splashback to maximize on its benefits.

  1. Makes smaller spaces look bigger

People who reside in apartments within major cities often have small kitchen spaces. Thus, it helps to take advantage of elements that can make smaller kitchens look bigger.

One of the best elements that can achieve this goal is to install glass splashbacks. The splashbacks will reflect light, thereby making the space look brighter and bigger.

  1. Heat resistant

Heat resistant glass splashbacks are a great choice for enhancing the interior décor of any kitchen, thanks to their hardy construction.

They’re able to resist heat from a cooktop. Thus, you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged as a result of heat.

  1. Available in different thicknesses

Most homeowners want to enjoy flexibility when decorating their kitchens. However, it’s extremely challenging to reconcile the existing fixtures and décor with new additions.

Luckily, kitchen splashbacks are available in different thicknesses. Thus, you can find an option that will blend in the existing kitchen décor.

  1. Great colour choices

There are several colours to choose from when shopping for a glass splashback. You can rest assured that you’ll find a colour option that will suit your personality and style. Also, you can find a colour that will blend in the existing theme.

  1. Increases the overall value of a home

If you’re planning to put up your home on sale, it’ll help to renovate it to increase its value. The kitchen is one of the key rooms that potential buyers consider when bidding for a home. You can easily increase its value by adding beautifully coloured kitchen splashbacks.

  1. Affordable options

Adding luxurious elements in a home is often pricey. Luckily, glass splashbacks come with the benefit of being an affordable option for adding a luxurious look in the kitchen.

  1. Visual and functional benefits

It can be fun to use a temporary marker pen to do your calorie and grocery calculations on a kitchen splashback. Glass kitchen splashbacks makes this possible, thanks to their visual and functional benefits.

Take advantage of a splashback to make shopping lists, notes, or messages. You can write on them with a marker and erase the writings once you’re done with them. You’ll only need to wipe the markings with a soft cloth.

  1. Great upgrade from tiles

By installing glass splashbacks in place of tiles, you won’t have to deal with the issues that come with times such as mold and slime. They’re also durable and contemporary.

  1. Safe

Unlike mirrors, glass splashbacks are made of toughened safety glass. The minimum thickness is 6mm glass. The glass complies with local safety standards.

Toughened safety glass doesn’t shatter into shards when hit. It only breaks into small, less harmful pieces.

  1. Custom options

If there’s something you value and want it applied on your splashback, you can have the splashback customised to fit the item. For instance, a favorite picture can be added for a customised effect.

  1. Easy to maintain and clean

It’s easy to maintain and clean a glass kitchen splashback. You can wipe off any stains or spills with liquid soap, warm water, and a soft cloth.

Their sleek and flat surface makes it effortless to clean them. Besides, a fully fitted splashback doesn’t have many crevices like tiles. Thus, there’s less space for stains and dirt to build up.

Reliable Kitchen Splashback Experts in Sydney

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